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Installation Services
We provide installation services for the cabinets that we sell. However, we outsource the work to outside contractors. All the contractors we work with are US citizens or legal residents and are properly licensed and insured to perform construction work in NJ. We have relationships with several contractors that can fit any budget from basic to high end installation work. For those needing custom work, our high end contractor will work directly with you from the beginning designing your kitchen and all the custom features you desire. Then will work on the jobsite everyday with his workers to make sure the job is done to your specifications.

Although we cannot give a precise installation estimate without looking at the kitchen to be installed first, for simple kitchen installations the following formula can be used: $100 per cabinet ($200 for tall cabinets) plus $8 per foot for crown moldings and toe kicks plus $300 for removing the old cabinets plus $300 to dispose of them plus $300 for hooking up the range/microwave hood, dishwasher, refrigerator and oven/stove unit plus $200 for misc materials (screws, shims, etc.). The assumptions made are that no water, gas or electrical lines need to be moved, the walls are structurally sound and can support the new cabinets, the owner will obtain any permits needed and no work is going to be done on any suffitts, walls, floors or ceilings.