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NEA Trading Cabinets
NEA Trading, makes 9 lines of all wood stock cabinets. They feature doors in Oak, Birch or Thermafoil. Each line is built slightly different, but they all use plywood construction. Some lines come standard with box drawers and epoxy guides, others dovetail drawers. The selection of cabinet types is limited and there are no customization options; what you see is what you get. These are generic cabinets that are pre-made in China and simply assembled here. For the price, though, they represent our best value. The selection of moldings, flutes and other decorative items is also limited. Below are pictures of the six lines. Click here for a pdf of the brochure and price list for all the lines. If the order total is less than $2,000 there is an additional order fee of $150.

Lexington   Madsion   Shaker

Park   Country Oak   Thermafoil

Shaker Expresso   Shaker Thermofoil   Harmony