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Kitchen Cabinets Comparison

Feature Fabuwood Kabinart Hagerstown
Shipping price* $100 or free pick up $200 or free pick up Included

Delivery time 1 to 2 weeks 4 to 6 weeks 6 to 8 weeks

Types of wood Birch, Thermofoil Oak, Maple, Cherry, Thermofoil Oak, Maple, Cherry, Hickory,
Alder, Ash, Redbirch, Pine

Door styles 10 20 - 30 around 50 +

Stains 7 wood, 1 thermofoil 13 wood, 1 thermofoil many / custom

Painted colors 4 9 many / custom

Glazes 3 5 many / custom

Construction All wood All wood All wood

Frame Framed/Frameless Framed Framed

Inset doors Not offered Not offered Offered

Standard drawer Dovetail Dovetail Dovetail

Standard guide Epoxy & FX w/autoclose Full ext w/ autoclose Full ext w/ autoclose

Upgrade guide Yes N/A N/A

Warranty (limited) 5 year 10 year Lifetime

Pros** Best value for the selection
Quick delivery
Offers some customization
Best value for cherry wood
Many custom options
Lots of selections
Custom at semi-custom price
Will do any color, door style
Will build to a drawing
Will do inset cabinets
Very well built cabinets

Cons** Limited selection on
value line
3/8" plywood sides Long delivery time
*price is for a single kitchen to be delivered to the tailgate of the truck to a Monmouth country address.
**These are strickly my opinions and not those of the manufacturer or anyone else