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Pricing WoodPro Cabinetry
Since WoodPro makes all their cabinets to order, you get a lot a choices in how you want your cabinets to look. First you need to pick the collection you want. WoodPro offers 10 different collections in their premier line (shown below). The collections differ mostly in the visible design elements (like fluted moldings or bottom valances).

estate heirloom nottingham
Estate Heirloom Nottingham
ashford gentry lambiere
Ashford Gentry Lambiere
yorkshire zephyr ovation parkway
Yorkshire Zephyr Ovation Parkway

After you pick the collection, then you need to pick the door style (again refer to the WoodPro website for the different door styles--I have a sample at my office of all the different door styles), type of wood (oak, maple, cherry) and the color you want (I have sample chips of all the different colors at my office). Click here for a list of the colors available. Let's say you decide you want the Estate collection, prestige door style, cherry wood with a natural stain. Last you need to decided which cabinets you need--let's say you need a 36" wide vanity and an 18" linen cabinet. Now open the vanity prices pdf (this is the one document that is not available on their website, it shows all the list prices for all the different types of cabinets for all the premier collections). From the pdf you can see that in 36" wide you can choose a vanity with furniture legs, hung from the wall, table vanity or traditional toe kick vanity. Let's say you decide on a traditional vanity with a toe kick. In 36" wide you can choose 6 styles listed as A-F on page 36 of the pdf. Let's say you decide on the traditional vanity (choice A), you would get the price by looking at the "STAIN, Cherry" single column under the "Prestige Shaker Wilton Old Town" column under the "Estate (E) or Heirloom (H)" column in the row that has "A" under the section for "36" Vanities" (in this case, $1,461 list price). For the linen cabinet you want a 7 foot tall one with drawers on the bottom, thus you choose choice E that is 18" wide on page 14 of the pdf (in this case, $2,913 list price).

Now you add all the list prices (1,461 + 2,913 = 4,374). This gives you the total list price for the order. To calculate your price you take the list price and deduct 33% (4,374 - 33%) = $2,930.58, this is the price I charge, but not necessarily what any other WoodPro dealer will charge, all dealers are free to give whatever discount they want, and it is also possible that different sections of the country have different list prices as well). This is the price for the cabinet(s) if you pick them up at my office. However, WoodPro offers direct shipping to the customer's house which typically runs $175 to $300, and is by individual quote only. Don't forget to add sales tax if you are picking up the cabinet(s) or having them delivered to a NJ address (if they are being shipped to an address outside of NJ there would be no sales tax). In addition, the order needs to have a total list price of $4,000 or more or there is an additional $200 small order fee. Last I am a dealer in my area (roughly 150 to 200 miles around my office which includes parts of NY, NJ, Conn, Delaware, Maryland & Penn), not an internet retailer, and thus do not sell outside of my area.

So that is how you price a set of WoodPro cabinets (and I did not go into detail about all the design options available). It is somewhat confusing but if you need any help, just give me a call, fax or email, and I'll get you a quote.

Collection price pages, click to download

Vanity Prices (8.7 MB) - This contains the prices for all the premier collections for all the cabinets and mirrors.
Collections (10 MB) - This shows all the collections that are available along with all the standard options.
Personal Design Options Plus (9.7 MB) - This contains all the custom design options and prices available to the premier collection along with the hardware, lighting and colors.