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Decorative vanities are defined as bathroom cabinets that are fancy looking. Many are designed to look like furniture. Decorative vanities tend to use legs instead of a toe kick on the bottom and flutes or onlays on the sides, along with unique shapes and colors. These vanities are not built any different then your run of the mill vanity, but will cost much more. Most start at $1,000 and go up from there. They do, however, accomplish their goal, which is to make an impression. These vanities really do make your bathroom look beautiful. I would not recommend putting one in the kids bathroom, but put one in the guest bathroom and when you have company that is all they will be talking about. Below is a picture of some decorative legs, flutes, and a simple vanity using them plus three more ornate ones.
Decorative legs Decorative flutes Decorative vanity
Decorative vanity Decorative ceramic sink Open vanity