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In most bathrooms, there is not enough room to fit anything other than a single cabinet. But for those big master bathrooms, there are a wide selection of other cabinets that can be used. The cabinets you would use are basically the same as in the kitchen, except that wall cabinets are not common since that space is used up with mirrors, toilet toppers and/or medicine cabinets. The base cabinets and tall utility cabinets, though, are used, but again, are typically 18 or 21 inches deep instead of 24 inches. As with sink base cabinets, the other bathroom cabinets tend to run about 10 - 20% more than equivalent kitchen units. The most common other cabinets used in a bathroom are 4 drawer base cabinet, hamper cabinet, toilet topper and tall utility cabinet.
4 drawer vanity Hamper cabinet Toilet topper Tall utility cabinet