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Drawers come in 3 basic construction styles: metal, wood box and dovetail. Metal drawers are typically made with metal sides, but wood front, back and bottom. Metal drawers are at the bottom end of the price scale and are not even offered any more by many maufacturers. Wood box drawers use four rectangular pieces of wood and connect them together. Dovetail drawers use four pieces of wood that are joined together at each corner with dovetail joints. Dovetail drawers look nicer than box drawers, but in everyday use there is not much of a difference between them in terms of strength and durability. Many manufacturers now only ship their cabinets with dovetail drawers; those that don't generally offer it as an upgrade at around $20 to $40 per drawer. For the price, it is usually worth upgrading the drawers, because they do look nicer. Below is a picture of the two types of drawers.
Box Drawer
Dovetail Drawer