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In addition to the three main types of countertops there are also three others that are less common but worth mentioning: stainless steel, wood and cement.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel countertops are very common in restuarants, but not in homes. That is because they are expensive. However, they are easy to clean, heat, stain and scratch resistant, antibacterial and look beautiful. To get a stainless steel countertop it is best to go to a place that specializes in them.


Wood countertops by contrast are not easy to clean, not heat, stain or scratch resistant, will warp if they get wet and will attract mold, bacteria and even insects. However, they can be beautifully decorated and if sealed properly and often can serve as a nice top for a decorative island or desk area. I would not put one under a sink or where food will be prepared.


Cement countertops are more common for outside areas as they are heat, stain and scratch resistant plus very durable when exposed to drastic changes in temperature or humidity or when covered with insects. However, they are not easy to clean and do provide lots of areas for mold to grow. Also, they are very heavy and require that the base cabinets be reinforced to such an extent that they will be destoryed if the countertop ever needs to be removed.