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Crown moldings are typically 8 foot long strips of wood around 1 to 4 inches wide cut in different decorative designs. They are usually placed at the top or bottom of the wall cabinets. When attached to the top of the wall cabinets they are typically placed at a 45 degree angle away from the top of the wall cabinets, which gives it a much more decorative look. The molding can be a single strip or two strips combined, either one on top or inside of the other. Moldings can also be angled to go around curved cabinets.

Crown Molding hugs the ceiling

Crown Molding below the ceiling

Crown inside crown

Crown on top of crown

Curved crown

Crown below cabinet
In addition to your decorative crown moldings you also have your standard filler moldings, which are used to hide the gaps created when a straight cabinet meets an unstraight wall or ceiling. Scribe molding is typically used to fill in the gap between the top of the wall cabinet and a soffitt. Inside corner moldings is used to hide the gap between the side of a cabinet and the wall. Outside corner molding is used to cover the space between the side of an island or peninsula cabinet and the finished back cover panel.

Scribe molding

Inside corner molding

Outside corner molding
And last you have all other sorts of moldings, like countertop edge molding, base board molding, window casing and lots of others.