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In addition to the three main types discussed already there are lots of other ways to accent your kitchen, below is a brief description of the 10 more common ones:
    1. Friezes - These are decorative carvings that can be placed throughout the kitchen

    2. Mullion doors with clear glass or decorative glass

    3. Valances - A decorative strip typically placed between two wall cabinets on each end of a window

    4. Wine racks - Either lattice type or single bottle type

    5. Dish rack

    6. Glass holder - Typically placed under a wine rack or dish rack

    7. Appliance garage - For storing appliances on the countertop

    8. Decorative end panel - This is a cabinet door placed on the side or back of a cabinet

    9. Open cabinet at end of island - Typically used for storing cook books

    10. Spice drawers

Cut for glass doors with decorative glass

Mullion doors with clear glass and applicance garage

Decorative frieze on cabinet

Valance over window

Lattice type wine rack

Single bottle wine rack

Dish rack with glass holder under it

Open shelf at end of island with decorative panels on back

Spice drawers